Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The sago worm delicacy . . .

Somewhere on the island of Borneo, one can find the sago worm. Most Sarawakians love sago worms as a traditional delicacy. They are found on sago trees.

Sago worms, when they are alive, look just like what you would expect a worm to look like - fat, wrinkly, moving their bodies in a worm-like way, and so on. Basically, you wouldn't give a second thought at popping one into your mouth, of all places.

But yes, into the mouth the sago worm goes in Sarawak. Sometimes it is placed into the mouth and eaten - ALIVE!!! You hold it by the head and bite, then chew, then swallow. But you'll never get me trying that!

But I did, however, try a COOKED sago worm the other day! If it wasn't for the fact that I was video recording the entire cooking and eating process, I don't know whether I would have so eagerly put a sago worm in my mouth.

And I must admit, after some frying, a little salt and black pepper, the sago worm tasted not too bad, a bit like potato wedges. Following is the video of how we prepared the sago worms and ate them. Hope it will be a fascinating watch for you!


  1. There are an ethnic group in my country that eats a type of worm too, called mopani worms. But I don't think they're ever eaten raw. :-)

  2. I would've eaten the whole bunch!

  3. Don't know if you have ever seen the program with Andrew Zimmeran who travels all over the world eating some of the strangest things. He actually went to a school in the usa and had a platter with different kinds of insects and the kids were brave enough to try them and really loved some of them. Don't know if I could do it though.

  4. Um, I would be prepared to try this delicacy cooked but not raw!

  5. I'm glad you gave it a try. TWICE! :D love you lots xoxoxo

  6.   I've never tried the worms, but I like to, can be very rich.

  7. You brave man you. I wouldn't even do it for a million dollars.

  8. Ohhhhhh Fy det ser inget vidare ut.Jag tycker att du var modig som smakade.För de som är vana är det säkert en delikatess.
    Videon var bra filmad och det var det bästa.
    Kramizzz på dig

  9. I have a reputation for eating anything that doesn't bite back, but I think I'll have to add "doesn't wiggle" to my bone fides :-) You are a brave man, Duncan. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. Randy, that would be an easy million dollars! They tasted fine :)

    Odie, I have watched that program - composing that video, I felt like I was on it!

    Linda, I would never eat them raw either!!!

    Misha, Elliott, Fie, Leovi, Lotta and mary, thanks so much for coming over and look at me pop a worm in my mouth!


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