Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our children having fun in KL

Travelling with young children is of course difficult. Friends and neighbours agree. This month of June we are travelling a lot. Recently we went to KL to buy our new car, and while the children weren't too well for most parts, we did however, manage to give them some fun times.

Here they are having fun around KL during the few days we spent there last week:

Leah with her aunty Urai

We paid RM3 for 5 minutes driving around on this toy. Lauren loved it!

Leah had a great time on the slide! Thanks to her aunty Urai for helping out so well!

Lauren posing at the children's playground

Urai and her nieces, Leah and Lauren

Having fun at Sunway Pyramid. My wife and her sister Urai are pushing the children. Our friend Sarah stands in the middle.

Another group photo at Sunway Pyramid

Eating Goat's Milk ice-cream

Leah giving Lauren a hug!


  1. Yes, I like those pictures you see are very happy, very funny. Greetings.

  2. Loving the pictures of course! What great day out :)

  3. It is always nice to see children enjoying themselves and having a good time. Nice pictures, Duncan.

  4. Lauren's hair is short!! and Leah can walk!!!

  5. You have a lovely family, Duncan. Your daughters are beautiful and they look like they had a wonderful day out. I hope all is well. Blessings...Mary

  6. Hey Duncan :)

    Your kids are so big!! Looks like you are all doing well. What is the goat milk ice cream like? Sounds like something I would like to try..


  7. hi duncan.lovely family.i works in kl but kuantan is my hometown.if God will,i want to meet u when i back to kuantan.My friend antique shop is located at jln wong ah jang,kuantan.u can see his old banknotes collection and other antique items.i mention his shop in my blog wit label 'kedai antik kuantan'.fell free to read about it

  8. I know you said the girls were unwell but it certainly looks as if they were happy and enjoying themselves during these photo sessions. Hope they are feeling better by now.

  9. Yes, the girls did enjoy themselves at times. The goat's milk was very nice, creamy.

    Faizal, welcome to my blog!


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