Sunday, October 3, 2010

The first Sunday of October

We arose this morning to constant banging from our neighbours upstairs. It went on for a good half hour and was very annoying. "What the hell's going on up there?" I cried. We have had to call the police twice in recent times because of their fighting and shouting with each other, disturbing the peace of the whole block. "Who knows what's going on" I concluded. Sometimes it's better to just keep your nose out of other people's business; sometimes it becomes a necessity to do something about it, like when the previous occupant came running down the stairs with her husband chasing her, yelling to us to call the police as he shaped up to give her a good thump!

My wife is starting work for HERBALIFE which is an American company recently opened its business in Malaysia. It specialises in herbal health drinks which lead to a happier, healthier life. For a long time I have not been interested in all these health supplements because I didn't think they would make a difference and they can be costly. But the saying, "If you don't pay for your health, you will have to pay for your sickness," keeps coming back to my mind. With all the fast food and nasi dagang, nasi lemak and all other fatty, high cholesterol Malay foods, I think I'm not as healthy as I could and should be. (I just love the taste of a good nasi lemak!)

So we're doing an 8-day trial at the Herbalife centre here in Kuantan which involves drinking 3 drinks each day. The first drink is an aloe vera drink which cleans the intestine; second is a tea mix of lemon and hibiscus which is a strong antioxidant; thirdly is a blended soy and whey protein powder concoction. Later this afternoon I'll be having my first session. Yesterday my wife tried the three drinks and amazingly stayed awake until 12 midnight watching the football with me! She's usually flat out on the bed while I watch the second half alone. So I could clearly see she was a lot more energized than usual.

And I just found out that the Barcelona and L.A. Galaxy football teams drink Herbalife products and are sponsored by Herbalife, so, if Lionel Messi and David Beckham drink this stuff, then so can I! I'm a little excited, a little apprehensive about going to drink this stuff, but if it gives me greater energy to play badminton in these stiflingly humid conditions, then that will be great.

My 8-day trial starts later today. So far this morning I have woken up, had our church meeting, then sat down on the sofa and yawned several times, felt quite sleepy and experienced achy legs for a while. Doesn't sound so healthy, right? Maybe my body is just paying the price of all my endeavours during the last week. I cycled to Teluk Chempedak beach, the Sri Sithi Vinayagar Temple, and the Kuantan Waterfront in the heat of the tropic afternoon, and I could feel at times, the humidity sapping me, draining out moisture from my body. Sunday, our rest day, may be the chance for my body to pay the price with a few aches and pains, before I get ready to brave the coming week...

Or I'm just not optimally healthy.

Let the drinks begin...

(P.S. As I was labelling this post, I can't believe how this is the first time I have ever mentioned David Beckham on my blog! His label didn't exist before today!)

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