Monday, October 4, 2010

8-Day Herbalife Trial - DAY 1

Just a little worried as we approached the makeshift 'drinking room' in a quiet secluded corner of Teruntum Complex in Kuantan, I remarked to my wife how it doesn't look like the room of a good, professional company. She gently reminded me that HERBALIFE is fairly new in Pahang and they are in process of shifting premises to Mahkota Square, near the Pahang State Mosque. Herbalife has been in business in Malaysia for around 4-5 years.

A lean distributor named Jess attended to us and sat us down in a corner of the room. She talked me through a little about the drinks and then served us the first one - aloe vera intestine cleaner. It was hard going.

A large group of Malays near the solitary whiteboard chatted energetically before they exited, and shortly after were repalced by another group.

The aloe vera intestine cleaner took a good 10-15 minutes to finish, probably 20. Whilst drinking, Jess shared her experiences with Herbalife and addressed a couple of my questions.

After finally gulping down the last swig of the aloe vera intestine cleaner, I felt quite bloated and wondered if I would be able to manage two more. The plastic cups, complete with my name, the numbers 1, 2 and 3 written vertically, and Jess's name, were a lot more voluminous than I had imagined.

Enter the second drink - the lemon and hibiscus herbal tea antioxidant. This is the fat buster. I was concerned it would burn away what measly fat I do have left, and leave me looking like a skeleton. Jess re-assured me it would be fine and would just clean my body of the bad toxins. I asked in jest if I could 'pass' drink 2 but the answer was 'no!' It was, however, surprisingly easy to drink.

The third drink - Blended soy and whey protein powder - in other words, "Chocolate Milkshake!" By now I was feeling quite good and growing in the confidence that I would be able to complete the three drinks. The chocolate milkshake was thicker than the previous two and had a distinct taste of peanuts, but was definitely the most tasty.

At odds with previous thought, I didn't actually feel too full and was rather chuffed for the rest of the evening! The only question mark that still hovers over my head is precisely what effects I am expecting to see in just a short 8-day trial period.

Anyhow, I'm excited for Day Two.

Stay tuned...


  1. Wow! What beautiful pictures you have on this blog and good luck with the 8 day Herbalife trial.

  2. Thanks for browsing my blog! I hope you will continue reading my articles here.

  3. Hi duncan where is the herbalife nutrtion centre nowadays?thanx..

  4. The last I knew, it was somewhere in Kompleks Teruntum, Kuantan. I know they had plans of moving elsewhere, but I don't think that's happened yet.

  5. Yes they are very good for general health. Just their method of recruitment a little misleading.


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