Wednesday, October 6, 2010

8-day Herbalife Trial - DAY 3

One of my pet hates is staring. I go all funny when someone watches me while I'm trying to write, or type, or read an email. I hate it when people stare at me in restaurants or shopping malls. I'm just unfortunate to be an "orang-putih" (white man) in Malaysia. I guess I stick out like a sore thumb!

Today my wife learned how to make the drinks herself and served me very well. However, she kind of put a bit too much ice in the milkshake and I found myself, dressed in t-shirt and shorts in an air-conditioned room, shivering like I was on the North Pole! (Or, more realistically, like I was in England.) One of the distributors there noticed the hairs on my arms standing up tall, while I struggled to stop my jaw from chattering!

Standing outside Kompleks Teruntum in the warm evening air, my super-iced chocolate protein milkshake still pulsing through my veins!

A little less ice and my wife will soon be making the perfect milkshake.


  1. Your gorgeous wifeOctober 6, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    I am so sorry honey! I made a good one today didn't I? Better than yesterday! :-D

  2. Yes you did make a good one today! Just had to go through the learning process..


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