Monday, September 27, 2010

Teluk Chempedak?

After one tuition class this morning, I have a free afternoon until 8pm tonight, when I have one more class. I wonder what I should do? I hate letting beautifully warm and sunny afternoons go to waste by staying at home all day long. However, I have to either persuade my wife to come out somewhere with me, or go myself.

This is the road to Teluk Chempedak. It slants uphill and as you reach the top, the sea begins to materialise across the horizon followed by shops, KFC, McDonalds and the Hyatt Regency Resort Kuantan.

I would love to go to TC again equipped with my ever-ready camera. Or perhaps, a slightly shorter journey to Taman Gelora, which is a gorgeous place for man and camera.

I guess you'll find out tomorrow which option I took.

It's time to decide. . . 

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