Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free time at Teluk Chempedak beach, Kuantan

So yesterday I decided indeed to venture out to Teluk Chempedak beach in Kuantan on my trusty bicycle. It was around a 35-minute ride in the heat of the afternoon. Fortunately I was wearing my cap to shield my head and neck from the blistering sun.

It was a weekly free afternoon for me as I don't hold any tuition classes on Monday afternoons. Kuantan is a lovely place and having the Teluk Chempedak beach just a short journey down the road is a wonderful blessing.

It was a scenic ride down to Teluk Chempedak, a tough uphill and a bunch of monkeys chilling out on the fence opposite the Hyatt Regency Resort Kuantan.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for taking pictures of Kuantan's stunning scenery. On this visit to Teluk Chempedak I decided that the focus of my photography would be the marvellous large rocks strewn across the shoreline which are so distinctive of this lovely place.

A remnant of the recent Mooncake Festival which occurred on the Teluk Chempedak beach. Hoards of people used branches like this to hang their lanterns on.

A sea sponge washed up on shore

A family play together while the tide was far out

A small collection of sea-shells discovered on shore...

And a dead crab. I thought about taking it home for my wife to cook, but decided not!

Look closely and you will see an amazing tiny crab complete with pincers and popping-out eyes!

Here come the gorgeous wind, sand and water moulded rock formations...

Some have gaps...

The rocks come in a variety of colours and hues

And some in various shapes and sizes...

I love the distinctive shape of this rock. Very unique indeed

And some are a little further out in the shallow waters of the South China Sea...

And some of the rocks create lovely landscapes...

And then there's me...

I clambered up to the top of this rock and left my camera attached to the tripod on the rock below

This was almost like sitting on the edge of a cliff. I very nearly dropped my handphone out of my pocket as I got up to retrieve the camera! Luckily I grabbed it before it made its rocky way down to the ocean. I've already had one phone fall down the toilet bowl and another drop into the sea, so I couldn't afford another blunder!

I really enjoyed my afternoon at Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan. I just can't let these beautiful sunny afternoons slip away. After weathering twenty-something English autumns and winters, I'm grateful beyond measure for this stunning holiday weather I'm able to enjoy 365 days of the year! There is no such thing as autumn or winter over here and I think that's absolutely fantastic! At times, every day of my life here feels like a holiday. Making the most of our present conditions is what I'm trying to do each day.

On the way across the bridge back to the first beach at Teluk Chempedak, I came across some hairy visitors who were hanging out on the bridge. They seemed to be waiting ominously for something, much like when I was at high school and we used to line the sides of the corridor waiting for some first year student to walk by, upon which he would be pushed back and forth by everyone on opposing sides!

Anyway, these monkeys were after a little girl's 'kuaci' or bag of sunflower seeds. Her parents eventually gave the sunflower seeds to the monkey who began eating them all up! That's when I made my move and tagged along behind someone else to the other side!


  1. Lovely pictures Duncan. You truly are blessed if every day feels like a holiday. To me it's like you're still serving your mission over there.
    Can't believe you did that to those little first years though :(
    Love you very much,
    Mum xox

  2. It was done to us when we were first years so we were just following the tradition of properly 'welcoming' the little runts to high school!

  3. thanks mr.duncan, it was spectacular pictures.... "azam"

  4. Wonder if you ever caught any dolphins on camera while you're in TC. My brother always surfs there with his friends. One of his friend said, there are dolphins swimming around in the morning. There some playing near the shore last Sunday afternoon. She said it was quite a shock seeing them in the afternoon because they're usually around in the morning. :))

  5. Hi Anna, I have never seen nor heard of dolphins in the sea at TC! There was a crocodile caught there earlier this year though. I'll have to google that one!

  6. Awesome! Must visit Kuantan more often. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.


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