Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Home Called Kuantan

So, my blog is titled, "Our Home Called Kuantan". By using this title I have attempted to paint a picture of what Kuantan is like and the things we get up to here. I have previously taken you to Buddhist temples, mosques, beaches, public gardens and recreational venues. But today, I'm going to share about the most important place in Kuantan - our home.

Our home is where we spend most of our time together. We rent a unit in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan, in an apartment block close to the town centre. We have lived here for over four years, and the interior of our home has changed and become more simplistic over the years. 

So, here is our home as it currently looks. We will start with the living room area:

Looking into our bedroom (on the left) and the tuition room (on the right)


  1. Nice home

    Azam Kimura

  2. Thanks Azam, we've rearranged it since these pictures were taken!

  3. throughout all the difficulties in life, I realize you have amazing and wonderful life duncan. Maybe can meet up you soon middle of april.. Looking for english class for my youngest sister or perhaps my mom.. haha

  4. Hi Syafa, we would love to have your mother and sister enrol for our English classes. Let us know when you're in Kuantan!


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