Monday, July 27, 2015

Sarawak River, Kuching Waterfront

The Sarawak River divides Kuching and is a focal point in this city. My wife and I when we were newly-weds, went on the Sarawak River Cruise.

Sarawak River Cruise
The cruise around the Sarawak River lasted 90 minutes and blended day with night.

The Waterfront area is now an extremely popular hangout place in Kuching where one can take a stroll, eat, or find entertainment.

Panoramic view of the Sarawak River, downtown Kuching

The DUN, a Sarawak State Legislative building, now dominates the skyline at the Kuching Waterfront, along with the famous Hilton Hotel which can be seen on the far right in the picture above.

The DUN sits on the banks of the Sarawak River, Kuching

Hanging out at Kuching Waterfront

And perhaps the biggest attraction is the long line of souvenir shops right opposite the Sarawak River which are a big draw to foreign tourists. I have been frequenting these shops since 2003 and there is so much great Sarawak stuff there. Here's a video of the souvenir shops I shot this year:

If you need to get across to the other side of the river, there is a sampan service. It costs a cheap RM2 per person for a few minutes ride to the other side. Take a look at this sampan ride in the video below:

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