Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kuching Trip, June 2015

Our annual Kuching trip to see family was another great experience for us, particularly as we had new nieces, nephews and cousins to see this time around. Although it was too short (just 5 days) we made the most of it and had a very enjoyable time. All of our flights went smoothly and were very pleasant, though the flight back to KL did seem rather tiring despite it being under 2 hours.

Here's the video of our take-off from KLIA2:

Lauren with her cousin, Ethan
With my beautiful niece, Bintang

Lauren joins her cousin, Noah, and his mummy for a picture

The weather in Kuching was so hot, a different kind of heat to Kuantan, and each journey out the house was tiring. My wife and Urai took Lauren on a small boat ride across the river to buy some kek lapis (layer cake) on our 2nd day. I rested at home as it was just way too hot.

I did sleep well though at night in the living room. We congregated the sofa and sofa bed to make one large 'mattress' and had a good sleep there.

Kuching Waterfront

Leah celebrated her birthday with a Frozen birthday cake

Party games

Party games

Urai and Anna cracking up!

The ladies

Family photo

A stunning ice-cream waffle!

Pushing the limits of my aging body!

We also had a great one night stay at Citadines ApartHotel together as a family. Took lots of photos and tried these gorgeous ice-cream waffles at a restaurant downstairs.

The Spring shopping mall, Kuching

Going swimming

Kuching at night

And here's a short video of our safe landing back at KLIA:


  1. That is perhaps the most stunning ice cream waffle I have ever seen!

  2. You did not go and enjoy the local delights like kolo mee, Kuching laksa...and all the ethnic dishes?

    Yes, Kuching is so so so hot - just standing outside for a few minutes would leave me dripping in my perspiration. Was there for two nights a couple of week ago.

  3. Right Monica, it was famtastic!

    suituapui, of course lah I love kolo mee! Every time we go to Kuching we have as much kolo mee as possible!


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