Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pelindung Pantai (Pelindung Beach)

Pelindung Pantai

We are so lucky in Kuantan to have long stretches of beach. We had a picnic with some friends at Pelindung Pantai the other week, which is 1-2km further up the coast from Teluk Chempedak.

We entered off Jalan Beserah and drove a zigzag route through Pelindung Maju until after 5 minutes or so we reached the beach. Lovely smooth sands with a sprinkling of small seashells, Pelindung Pantai sees fishermen going out to sea in their boats early in the morning.


  1. KL has been a bit hazy the last week. I'd like to see some of that blue sky in person right now.

  2. Loved the Pelindung Pantai pic the best!!

  3. What a wonderful beach and not covered in millions of people like the ones in Europe.

  4. Looks like a gorgeous place for a pic-nic. :-)

  5. Stunning photographs as always. I love coming over here to scroll through all of your photos when I want to vicariously go to Kuantun!

  6. (^‿^)✿

    Hi Duncan !!!

    What a wonderful beach !!!

    Many thanks for this beautiful set of pictures !!!!

    Have a nice day !!!


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