Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bulan restaurant, Star City, Kuantan

Located on a corner lot off Jalan Beserah in Star City, Bulan restaurant operates from evening until night, specialising in a wide range of western food.

This was our first time trying out Bulan restaurant, and we were not disappointed. Apart from a quite severe toothache I encountered while chewing some food, everything was great.

Guests immediately come face-to-face with this charming little signboard with a message to make you smile. We went ahead and used the data connection on our phones anyway!

No wifi at Bulan restaurant, Star City, Kuantan

The interior of Bulan restaurant, Star City, Kuantan

The menu had some very entertaining pages with fun names of certain dishes, like 'Single but Available' and 'English Man Sausage.'

Burgers and Chips page of the Bulan restaurant menu

Garlic bread and mushroom soup for the girls

Fidelia's dinner

My choice

Bulan restaurant is clean and attractive and the food is of a good quality. The prices are quite reasonable for western food.


  1. Oh my I feel sooo hungry now Duncan :)

  2. Your new title photo is toooooo cute!

  3. Hmmm yummy! We should go back there babe!!

  4. Hi Grace, we love watching food programs on the TV and they make us feel real hungry too!

    Monica, yeah, she loves the mannequins and treats them like real people :)

    Fie, we do need to pay it another visit, especially now my troublesome tooth has been extracted!

  5. Thank you very much Duncan, the food is very rich !.

  6. The sign won me completely!

  7. Looks like a really nice place. Kind of pricey too.


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