Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia

The Everly Hotel sits in Putrajaya, the government capital of Malaysia. Our purpose was for a brief family get-together and we stayed for one night. We wanted to stay somewhere other than KL. (One of the reasons I justified to myself was that it would give me something else new to blog about!) Putrajaya is 30-40 minutes drive away and presents something different. And we were pleased with our choice!

The Everly Hotel is one of those hotels that have a modern look, clean and tidy public areas and comfortable rooms, for a very reasonable price that won't hurt your wallet.

Front Desk at the lobby, The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya

The lobby area at The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya. We stayed there the night after MH370 went missing, so a lot of the families were there too. Cameramen and media crews were swarming the hotel, camping out in the lobby.

Our room at The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya

Wash basin area of the bathroom

The view from our room at The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya

Elevator lobby at The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya

We had buffet dinner here in the hotel restaurant, which cost RM30/person. And though the food selection was rather small, it did taste good and we enjoyed a good meal.

Dinner with family at The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya


  1. Nice looking place. I like the lights on the lobby wall.

  2. Looks like you picked the perfect spot for a family get together Duncan.. we used to do things like that when the kids were young, they grow up too fast:)

  3. And the Allamanda Mall is right opposite! Great choice!


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