Monday, April 21, 2014

Beach near Kuantan Port

As we travel weekly to Kuantan Port for work, we decided to stop off at a little beach right by the side of the road near Kuantan Port.

This is most definitely NOT on the list of tourist attractions for Kuantan. It's quite an 'off the beaten track' area which only those who live here can really know.

Anyway, Kuantan Port is an industrial area with many heavy and dirty lorries passing through these roads every minute of the day. I remarked to my wife on our first voyage out here that we must be getting close to Kuantan Port as everywhere is brown! The roads, traffic lights, signs, trees and shops are smothered in brown dirt. Like this:

Dirt covers everything just a few hundred yards from Kuantan Port

And this little beach has paid the price of being so close to this industrial area too.

On the flipside, it's great for photography!

Remnants of a broken tree

The polluted trees make such lovely lines for photography

This entirely uprooted tree provides many angles

View through the rocks to the South China Sea

View of this little beach from the roadside near Kuantan Port

There were a couple of stray dogs wandering around the roadside, and some monkeys walking around, but luckily they didn't bother us!


  1. (^‿^)❀

    Hi Duncan ! :o)

    Ces photos de Kuantan Port sont très très belles !!!!

    J'aime beaucoup voir ta petite famille ! On voit le bonheur sur la première photo.

    Le ciel bleu et les beaux paysages ... EXTRA !

    Have a nice day & take care :o)

  2. Great photo, but it seems awful place to live.

  3. Too much pollution from chemical industries nearby.

  4. A lot of interesting things around this beach...

  5. Nice pictures, I really like the trunks compositions!

  6. Great photos, Duncan.
    All pictures are very well photographed, my compliments.
    Greetings Irma

  7. This reminds me of Antigua Island (Caribbean) I visited after a hurricaine. Incredible what pollution has done to the area!

  8. Your brown covered images remind me a little of some shots I took a while back way up in Port Hedland, the difference is that the dust up there is red! Glad to hear that you enjoyed Easter Duncan, I should imagine with two youngsters it would have been a lot of fun.

  9. Duncan, your photos are lovely! Your header is magnificent!


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