Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Petrosains @ KLCC

Petrosains was top of our list of places to go during our KL trip. Last time we were in KL we arrived too late in the afternoon and couldn't get in. So we made sure to arrive earlier this time. 4:30pm is the cut-off time to enter.

All visitors to Petrosains have to queue at one entrance - the Dark Ride. We waited for between 20-30 minutes and while no backpacks and food and drink are allowed, the staff bent the rule for us as we had young children.

The Dark Ride is a short, 5-minute ride where you sit in a slowly moving carriage and are presented with visual and audio effects explaining more about the earth and industry. At the end of the ride, you alight and the tour of Petrosains begins. Unfortunately no photography is permitted on the Dark Ride.

Lauren illuminates a light

A scene inside Petrosains, KLCC

The eternity mirror

Dinosaur ROAR! Leah was scared

Lauren and Leah kept us entertained during a brief pause for rest

Petrosains is a great educational and fun place for the whole family. We were enjoying it very much when the staff asked us to hurry up and see more things as the time for closing was approaching! We had not even got half way through the place!

Lauren posing with some huge building blocks!

The following projected images were great fun. You stand in front of the white screen so you can see your shadow. Then the objects on the screen obey your every action. For the first two photos, the coloured bits and pieces accumulate as you hold your arms open. The butterflies land on your arms and head as you keep still. And you can move and chop the coloured sausage shapes at your pleasure.

Had fun coming down that rope slide right there at Petrosains

There was a lot more we didn't have time for, as I mentioned earlier. It's well worth the visit!

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