Sunday, December 8, 2013

Select and share your best photos of 2013

It's the time of year where we look back and remember the great places we've been, things we've accomplished and plan ahead for the future.

It's also time when I select my favourite photos of the year. They come in all types: portraits, scenery, food, nature, abstract. I usually determine my very best photos by the degree of difficulty to shoot them and the personal significance of them.

I thought it would be great to share my favourite photos with all of my blog readers, as I have done in previous years (see right side-bar for my Top Tens). But I'd also love to see YOUR best photos of the year too.

Running from Jan 1st to Jan 20th right here on *The Kuantan Blog*, I'll be hosting a blog hop entitled "Top 20 Photos of 2013" and it's open for everyone to join!

If you have a blog/website and would like to share your best photos with more people, simply take a minute to join this blog hop by visiting the page at the top of the blog. Here's the link: 

This is my first time hosting an event and I'd love to get more bloggers involved!


  1. It's a great idea! But I publish a new photo every day. What I could do is put the direct link to the day selected photos were published. Thus publish a daily link in your blog hop! Do you do that?

  2. A brilliant idea Duncan, good luck with the Top 20.

  3. Thanks Bob, hope you can join in.

    Leovi, you can submit the link to your blog. Then you post a photo on each day. You can still post your normal daily images at the same time.

  4. Will do when I find a spare minute.

  5. I will try my best. I can't wait to see yours.


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