Friday, March 8, 2013

News from Kuantan

I bought myself an ipad4 and I've been neglecting the laptop ever since. Poor laptop. As a result, it's been a while since I posted. So it's time for some updates.

  • We are watching with interest the war that is being played out in Lahad Datu, East Malaysia, between Malaysia and the invading Sulus. The Sultanate of Sulu is a long and historical saga of an island of the Philippines and their sultan who was given the land of Sabah long ago from the then-ruling Sultan of Brunei as a gift for helping him in war. Despite Malaysia's independence, which includes Sabah, the sovereignty of this portion of land has now been brought back into the spotlight by these invading Sulus who claim it still belongs to them. Whether it's all a political ploy with the Malaysian general election coming in a month's time, is debatable, but nevertheless, we are keeping updated with the latest news as Malaysia has rejected the Sulus proposal of a ceasefire and are now on the attack.

  • The rainy season seems to have finally gone for good. Yay! But now we are facing the familiar hot and humid afternoons as life beside the equator heats up once more!

  • Lauren is enjoying kindergarten. She wakes up with a smile, goes to school with a smile, and comes back home with a smile and many stories to tell. So that makes us happy :)

  • I got myself a 4-year visit pass from the Kuantan Immigration! That is amazing news for us! Once those 4 years are up, I can apply for PR (Permanent Residency). It means I no longer have to worry about making those frequent trips to Singapore and back just to get my passport stamped. I can't begin to tell you the degree of freedom I feel now that this is all sorted out. Living and working in Malaysia for our own business is the best possible life I could have dreamed of and I feel thankful to God each and every day for this life He has given me.

  • I'm feverishly working on the A-Z April blogging challenge. With under a month to go, I'm busy preparing two separate A-Zs. One is for this blog and the other is for our Horne Learning Services blog. I decided to do the second A-Z as it will help attract more visitors to our business, via both our blog and our facebook page. I'll be taking you through the alphabet including some of my favourite words, English language grievances and other associated thoughts.

Well, you are all updated. Sorry that there are so many words to read, and so little photos! Here is one recent picture showing the lovely weather we are enjoying right now. Have a great day, and thanks for reading!


  1. Bet you're going to have fun with that iPad Duncan! Congrats on another step towards the residency you've dreamt of - our God is awesome in giving us the desires of our heart (which He places there!) if we acknowledge Him as Lord of our life and live according to His will. Am delighted for you and Fidelia that you have found your niche and are so ably using your God-given gifts.

  2. Hello Duncan.
    Sooo awesome it was with a map to the header.
    Now you can see how close to the coast you live.
    Amazingly beautiful.
    The image of the flower is lovely.
    Lyckostar there who have summer and sun.
    Cozy weekend for you.

  3. The war going on in Sabah has been ever present on my mind. Sabah's my home, and being away here in Australia, I've only just found about it a week ago. Hope all will be okay. On a lighter note, it's good that Lauren's enjoying kinder! I loved it too.

  4. Yes, I like this interesting post. A flower with exquisite colors.

  5. Gosh! You're doing two A to Zs. No wonder you're working hard on it. Good news about being able to apply for a PR. I love your header photo. It made me go to Google earth and have another look at exactly where you are. It's a long way from Leicester. What a journey to have to visit home.

  6. I hope things will be OK given the political tension. I do love your new banner and this warming photo - enjoy the iPad and A-Z(s)!:)

  7. Have fun with your iPad, be interested to know if you are blogging with it? I down loaded an App and couldn't use it! Went back to a laptop for blogging.

    Good news about your visit pass.

  8. An iPad, lucky you! Sounds like you have been busy.

  9. I am so happy you got a 4 year pass! :D

  10. A very nice, succinct update Duncan. Surprised to hear of military action in Malaysia. Only yesterday saw a moview about terrorism against British occupation on Netflix. Titled: "The 7th Dawn" with Wm Holden, Capucine and Susannah York. The period was 1953.

    Always enjoy reading you when I get the chance, you are always interesting and have a lovely family.

    Take care, best wishes Duncan.

  11. Except for the war, you've got a lot of great stuff going on: happy kindergartener,4 year visa, an iPad. Very cool!

  12. Looking forward to your A-Z contribution! Not participating this year. Barley have time to even get online, much less try and post daily in April! Mini Man is one demanding baby...


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