Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Keep Calm and Run On

I spent a couple of days in hospital last year with severe dehydration, and I realised that I'm but a shadow of my old fit and healthy self. Despite suffering from asthma since young, I was a top cross-country runner throughout primary school and could run all day long.

I kept myself fit and healthy throughout my childhood and teenage years by playing football and tennis with PASSION. 

The problem is that since I got married, and particularly since we bought our new car in June 2012, I have been having no exercise at all. And even though I'm lean, it doesn't mean I'm healthy.

So I've had an awakening of late, and I'm now getting healthy again. I am reigniting my former passion of running.

Nike has some really good motivational posters in addition to these famous "Keep Calm" ones. I also bought myself a new pair of Nike sports shoes (or as we say in England, trainers).

I've been running on three consecutive mornings now, after taking Lauren to school. Feels great!

How do you keep fit and healthy?


  1. Wow, it's so hot in Malaysia. I don't know how you can jog. My husband and I had to join a fitness club in Kluang and swim every day. But good luck with the jogging. If it works that's great! Love the map at the top :) Sharon

  2. My running days are behind me (knee injuries are pesky things) but love those shoes! These days I'm mainly a stroller. Enjoy your runs!

  3. Good for you Duncan, and those trainers are amazing! You'll certainly look the part as you run along. Good luck with this new routine.

  4. Snazzy trainers honey! I am glad we started our exercise routine and those new trainers are certainly the big motivator for us! I keep fit by doing Zumba and I am loving it!

  5. Do it while your young. It's harder to start over when your older.

  6. Pretty shoes. Put some small bells on the laces to keep you company running.


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