Friday, May 11, 2012

Recovering from A-Z April

A-Z April was a very busy month, and not just for the blogging challenge. Lots of things were happening in our lives as well, and perhaps it's all taken its toll on us.

Well at least on me. I've been struggling to have too many positive thoughts when logging in to blogger and having the opportunity of writing a post. Taking a rest from the blog for a while has been necessary. The A-Z blogging challenge was particularly challenging, more so than last year. Whether or not I'll be joining up next year is by no means decided.

So I've been sifting through my photos for something simple and light-hearted today, and came across the perfect image I snapped a few months ago at HTAA (Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan), the government hospital in Kuantan. I was teaching English there and made a quick trip to the bathroom where I saw this poster on the toilet door:

I find this incredibly . . . . . hilarious! I guess there are still some people here who don't know how to use a toilet properly!


  1. I completed the challenge and I learned my lesson. Planning ahead is really the key. I ended up posting a few entries late. That made me feel like a bad blogger. lol. I'll do better next year :)

    And that sign in the toilet, oh my goodness, that's funny. I don't understand which part of do it right that people don't get. Disappointing and disgusting.

  2. Ja man kan ju undra varför man måste ha sådan här skyltar. Det borde ju vara en självklarhet hur man beter sig på toa.
    Vilken underbar bild du har på där det står att du firar 6 år i Kuantan.
    Den är helt fantastisk.
    Ha en mysig helg.
    Kramizzzz på er alla.

  3. That's sort of amusing on the one hand but really sad on the other but then we do take so much for granted, don't we!

    Don't beat yourself up over the blogging. The A to Z was challenging enough and I know what it feels like when life takes a swipe. Take it easy and the blogging will return. Remember, we're supposed to be doing this for our enjoyment!!

  4. Hi, Duncan!

    Just dropping by to let you know that I nominated you for the Kreativ award! I thought your blog was so creative and that's my way of letting you know!

    Just stop by my blog and pick it up!

    I know it's a little extra work that comes along with it; however, I know other bloggers will appreciate it!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. You'll be amazed if you find out the real numbers of people who do not know how to use toilet properly. I remember way back during my school days where the sewer man will come every week due to the increasing numbers of 'pads' stuck in between the toilet bowl and the tank.

  6. Sorry teacher, there's a grammar mistake.

    "...where the sewer man would come..."

  7. Angel, planning ahead is really the way to go. Saves you a lot of thinking on the day :)

    Yes Ros, it will come back soon!

    Thanks Betty that's very kind of you!

    Hi Emila, I'm glad you self-corrected your mistake haha!


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