Friday, November 7, 2014

East Coast Mall new look

We've been watching East Coast Mall go through big changes for the last year or so, both inside and out. Rearrangement of lots, new shops and architectural changes are in progress. It's all actually scheduled to be completed by this month, being November, 2014. Obviously, the work needs to be done before the annual monsoon season arrives anywhere from mid-November through January.

New developments in progress near the main entrance of East Coast Mall

The Manhattan Fish Market will be a new addition to East Coast Mall, located right at the entrance

Jelly Bunny shop is now at East Coast Mall

Toys R Us store

L'Occitane En Provence store at East Coast Mall

In the coming weeks we are looking forward to see what other new shopping opportunities await us in Kuantan at the new-look East Coast Mall!


  1. Hi

    Excellent post and great blog. I came across your blog on and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    My wife Diane and I are moving to Penang in the spring. I was recently laid off from my job and we decided to try early retirement. Moving overseas from the USA makes the most financial sense and we’ll be applying for an MM2H visa as soon as I turn age 50 (The cost of the visa is double for younger applicants). We’ve never been to Penang so it’s a big leap of faith.

    I recently started my blog about the transition from the USA and upcoming move ahead of our arrival and I’m currently scouring through expat blogs based in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian locations looking for friends, new followers, contacts, ideas and advice. You are exactly the kind of blogger I search out as I try to build my audience. We know nothing about your side of Malaysia.If you could check us out at I’d be honored to have you as a follower. Please share if you enjoy it.

    We look forward to following your blog
    Rob and Diane

  2. Looks like a bright and cheery revamp.

  3. Interesting blog you got here, never thought someone would dedicate a blog to this -what I call- miserable little piece of Malaysia haha.
    I'll be following you from now on :D

  4. Rob & Diane, thanks so much for paying a visit to my blog. Malaysia is a great place to come and live, and I'll be over to your blog shortly!

    Monica, it is an exciting revamp and there will be further updates to come.

    Assia, thanks for your visit and hope you will find more posts her that may change your view of this lovely little place called Kuantan :)

  5. Looks like a nice place. I like the new banner.

  6. Hi Randy, it's a much more pleasant experience shopping here now


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