Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Horne Family Flag

I've been spending some serious time of late producing our family flag. I'm from England while my other half hails from Sarawak, Malaysia. So I wanted to make something that blends our two backgrounds in a simple way.

The Horne Family Flag incorporates elements of the English, British, Sarawakian and Malaysian flags

On the left hand side is half of the St. George's cross with one quadrant of the British flag, representing me. On the right is the star and crescent of Malaysia, along with the red and black diagonal stripes of the Sarawak flag, representing my wife. The St. George's cross and the crescent combine to make the letter 'H' for Horne.

The British part of the Horne Family Flag

The Malaysian section of the Horne Family Flag
The Horne Family Flag is taking pride of place in our home and is a reminder of who we are, where we're from and how two different cultures have combined harmoniously.

Making a family flag is a lot of fun - why don't you give it a try?!


  1. Thanks Duncan for sharing !!!!

    I'm happy to see that you enjoying life in Malaysia :o)

    This family flag is so beautiful !!!
    It's a good idea !

    Have a great day !!!!!

  2. That is a really neat flag, Duncan.

  3. Hi Duncan,
    This flag is very beautiful, good idea to make a family flag.
    Best regards, Irma

  4. I love your family flag, nice design!

  5. A good idea and a great family flag!

  6. Well done Duncan.. very cool flag with all the aspects incorporated to make it a family affair! Must admit it's not something I had every thought of, I'm wondering what a flag incorporating Scotland, Ireland, Africa and Australia would look like :)

  7. Thank you all for dropping by. Grace, you should think about that flag and come up with some ideas. It's certainly got me thinking already :)

  8. I love our family flag! Thanks for all the hard work babe!

  9. I thought a coat of arms was the usual way of combining family ties and that flags are more a government political level.

  10. Mo, good comment. While this family flag is just another fun way to unite us, I have also been thinking about a coat of arms, both borrowing bits and pieces from existing coats of arms, and starting entirely from scratch with my own ideas. It's quite tough!

  11. Fidelia, hope I managed to equally get our various flags represented!

  12. Después de realizar un recorrido por tu blog, he quedado gratamente sorprendido, pues la belleza de tus publicaciones lo merecen, por tal motivo, tengo que felicitarte.

    Enhorabuena y un afectuoso saludo desde Gran Canaria.

    Hasta muy pronto.

  13. Translation of the above comment is:
    After a tour of your blog, I have been pleasantly surprised, because the beauty of your publications deserve it, for that reason, I must congratulate you.

    Congratulations and greetings from Gran Canaria.

    See you soon.

    Thanks very much Andres! Appreciate your visit and kind words :)


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