Thursday, March 27, 2014

Parents visit, March 2014

Been absent from the blog for some time now as my parents have been here in Kuantan. Had a great time taking them around Kuantan and KL, and they have loved spending time with their grandchildren!

Normal blogging should resume soon. I have lots to catch up on :)


  1. Hi Duncan. What a lovely header photo, and a super photo of you with your mum and dad. How lovely that they have been able to spend that precious time with their grandchildren. I'm sure your mum and dad will be missing the little girls already! Take care.

  2. Wishing your parents a wonderful visit!

  3. Hi Duncan, I'm so glad you were able to have a visit with your parents. You all shine with love!

  4. (^‿^)❀

    Hello Duncan !

    Wow ! I'm so happy to know that you are with your parents !!!!
    So great moments !!!

    "Sorry for my bad english" ... tu sais que je suis française ! ;o)

    BISES et merci pour ces belles photos des moments en famille ! C'est génial ! J'adore !!!

  5. Nice to meet your parents!

  6. How wonderful to have your mum and dad there Duncan, they must be enjoying spending time with their grandchildren so much. As I type this I'm waiting for a phone call from Sydney to let me know that my first grandchild has arrived.. sooo excited!

  7. Very sweet photo - also love the family one at the top of your blog! :)


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