Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Secret Recipe, Indera Mahkota, Kuantan

Secret Recipe is located at Ground and 1st Floor, No. B6 & B8, Lorong Im 8/33, Taman Mahkota Putra, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25250 Kuantan

"B" marks the location of Secret Recipe. It is reached by taking Jalan Bukit Ubi from Kuantan's main town area.

Secret Recipe. Cakes. Very tasty cakes. But this was the first time we went to Secret Recipe NOT for the cakes (though we did take away a chocolate brownie for dessert!). This time we went for the food for lunch.

Yes, Secret Recipe is also a restaurant which serves very nice food, and we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch there yesterday.

The restaurant interior looks clean and attractive. And the bonus for us is that it was virtually empty as it's now Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month, so at least we get to enjoy quick service and quiet restaurants.

Leah plays on the ipad while waiting for our food at Secret Recipe

We all ordered milkshakes! Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla :) Our favourite drinks . . .

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla milkshakes at Secret Recipe

We were not disappointed when the food arrived. Here's what we ordered:

I ordered Secret Recipe's Lasagne. Very tasty and I cleaned up the whole plate with the bun

Fidelia enjoyed Secret Recipe's Grilled Mushroom Chicken

Lauren ordered her favourite Fish 'n' Chips at Secret Recipe

We ordered Leah Secret Recipe's Spaghetti

The food went down very well and was satisfying. And of course, you can't go to Secret Recipe without having cake, so we chose a piece of Chocolate Brownies to take away.

Lauren stares longingly at the cakes on display at Secret Recipe


  1. Secret Recipe cheesecake is one of hubby's favs.

  2. I loved my food and the Walnut brownies! :D

  3. Gosh everyone's choice looked delish Duncan..especially Leah's spaghetti :)

  4. The food looks delicious and I love the name of the restaurant.

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  6. Nice pictures! I love that food, that rich ...!!

  7. Hampehhh... Kat web kata open/close 11am-11pm, gi kul 10pm dah tutup


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