Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beserah Fishing Village

Our friend took us out to the Beserah Fishing Village for a look around. Beserah Fishing Village is located around 7-8km north from Kuantan town along Jalan Beserah. It is just after SJK(C) Kong Min.

Salted fish drying under the sun at Beserah Fishing Village

Rows of salted fish await packaging and consumption at Beserah Fishing Village

Sea cucumbers are salted and left to dry at Beserah Fishing Village

The fishermen have been hard at work catching these sea cucumbers at Beserah Fishing Village

Walking back to the car at Beserah Fishing Village

We entered one shop which used a type of shipping container as a large fridge where more fish were being kept. It was cold as we went inside. I told the woman at the door "Don't lock us in!" but I'm not sure if she understood! After briefly looking around the Beserah Fishing Village we went to East Coast Mall.


  1. Yes, I would try those sea cucumbers! Nice pictures!

  2. Yum at those sea cucumbers! D:

  3. I'm amazed at the sea cucumbers! Never seen so many.

  4. Salted fish is okay, but salted sea cucumber...? what for the product. I just hear about.

  5. I can smell those fish right now.

  6. This is the first time I've ever seen a picture of a sea cucumber! No wonder they are named after the garden variety veggie. Leah's short hair style and her sweet little face made my day.

  7. Those photos could be taken at any indoor mall in the US, the same stores.


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