Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"V" post - Vicious weather alert!

A-Z April Blogging Challenge 2012. A 26-word paragraph, each word beginning with a letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order, beginning with the assigned letter for the day. A video composed of a sentence where each word begins with the assigned letter of the day. This is *Our home called Kuantan* stretching the alphabet in April . . .

Valid weatherproof xyloglyphy yawed zambra-like against bullish currents. Deep emotions filled Glenda's hardworking instincts, jabbing keenly, lapdancing meanderingly nearby. Of pulpy quirks recurring, she took umbrage.

"V" is also for Vicious weather. We've been having a few thunderstorms and downpours of late so I thought I'd share a few photos with you. These pictures are all taken in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan.

Have a great day. All the best from the evening storms of Kuantan!


  1. Wow that was some very unfriendly looking pictures my friend. Hope the paradise returns quickly.

  2. wow look at those thunderclouds! They remind me of storms in the philippines.

  3. It surprises me that this is the first post I've come across mentioning vampires. Great V. :)

    Those are ominous photographs!

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  4. Thanks for your visits and leaving a comment! The paradise is still here every day, and we have lovely thunderstorms in the evening sometimes!

  5. Very vivid imagery you created today with your V-log. :) And is it me, or is it raining EVERYWHERE in the world at the moment?

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger


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