Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A welcome benefit

Living in Malaysia as a foreign spouse to a local has not been too kind to me during the last four years, with the bulk of the problems lying in the immigration policies. I have survived crushing moments where nothing seemed 'fair' but now things might be looking up.

My big toe has been swelling up the last few days so I decided to check it out with a doctor at the clinic across the road, at the advice of my good wife. The last time I checked in there I was charged RM15 because I'm a foreigner. (The normal price for Malaysians is just RM1) But I couldn't really moan at RM15 either. Anyway, the receptionist informed me that if I bring a photocopy of my marriage certificate next time, I can consult a doctor and receive medication for RM1 like everyone else!

This is the first time being married to a local has got me any type of benefit whatsoever.

The good woman at the counter also allowed my consultation on this occasion for RM1 because she sees my wife and I often and knows we live just across the road.

Turns out I have an ingrowing toenail which the doctor immediately diagnosed, and stocked me up with some antibiotics, bathing solution and cream.

Wearing socks and shoes in this climate carries an added risk, so be careful! Ensure you wash your socks after every time you use them, and that goes for your shoes too - they can be washed weekly or monthly, depending on how often you wear them.


  1. Your gorgeous wifeApril 7, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    I'm glad you listened to me. I just read on the internet that if you wait to long, the bacterial infection will worsen your big toe and eat up your bone then you will need to amputate your toe! The purple thing is used to disinfect your toe. Don't forget to eat your antibiotic!

  2. Yes my dear wife does like to scare me with these facts she digs up!


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