Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dinosaur Roar!

This morning we went to the Yayasan Pahang building to see the dinosaur exhibition. It cost us RM12 and Lauren got in free, although once we entered I wondered how the fees could be so high. It was a very small show with limited activities and we only spent about 45 minutes there. That was probably because Lauren was scared of all the loud dinosaur noises resonating around the room.

We did take some fun pictures which we were able to send to my email address, which are included below. The dinosaur models were very realistic, mobile and created quite a din!

I struggle to imagine how my tuition students managed to spend 6 hours there though!


  1. Lauren's clinging to her David Beckahm doll for dear life (I forget what she calls him). Funny how she's taken so much to him and that he goes everywhere with her :)

  2. she calls him monok with a silent k..

  3. Monok is the name of a village in Hungary. She's a very clever girl to think that name up all by herself.


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