Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Geographic Basics

We live in a beautiful, stunning and amazing world. We are surrounded by awesome nature, skilled architecture, fascinating landscapes and billions of people. If the Earth deviated just one-eighth of an inch closer to the Sun in its orbit, we would heat up and burn to death. If it deviated just one-eighth of an inch away from the Sun in its orbit, we would soon freeze to death. The positioning of our planet in itself emphasizes the hand of a Supreme Creator.

Yet I wonder how much we know of our planet? Of the lands and the seas, countries, continents, cities, landmarks? I am appalled at how little Malaysian children know concerning their home planet, and how much they even care. Geography is a subject of vital importance and one that is extremely rewarding.

I wonder how many questions you would be able to answer from the the following set, as we go back to Geography Basics:

1. Name the 7 continents of the world.

2. Name 10 of America's states.

3. Name 5 countries which border China.

4. Name 10 European countries and their capital cities.

5. Name 10 African countries.

6. Name 5 national islands.

7. Name 3 countries on the equator.

8. On which continent would you find:
     - Bolivia
     - Eritrea
     - Syria
     - New Zealand
     - Switzerland
     - Canada

9. In which country would you find:
     - Rio De Janeiro
     - Athens
     - Melbourne
     - Kiev
     - Madrid
     - Johannesburg

10. Name the capital cities of:
     - Philippines
     - Taiwan
     - Japan
     - North Korea
     - Indonesia
     - India
     - Sri Lanka
     - Thailand

So how did you do? Is your geography up to scratch? Let me know, I'd be pleased to hear your feedback!

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