Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Horne Family Flag

I've been spending some serious time of late producing our family flag. I'm from England while my other half hails from Sarawak, Malaysia. So I wanted to make something that blends our two backgrounds in a simple way.

The Horne Family Flag incorporates elements of the English, British, Sarawakian and Malaysian flags

On the left hand side is half of the St. George's cross with one quadrant of the British flag, representing me. On the right is the star and crescent of Malaysia, along with the red and black diagonal stripes of the Sarawak flag, representing my wife. The St. George's cross and the crescent combine to make the letter 'H' for Horne.

The British part of the Horne Family Flag

The Malaysian section of the Horne Family Flag
The Horne Family Flag is taking pride of place in our home and is a reminder of who we are, where we're from and how two different cultures have combined harmoniously.

Making a family flag is a lot of fun - why don't you give it a try?!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Casio Watches Zalora


Watches are seen to be one of the most important accessories for men to match with their outfits. While we can't all afford a Rolex, there are plenty of other options. One of the most well-known brands is Casio which was founded in 1946 and successfully became one of the top choices for men as their time-telling instrument. 

The designs are classic and sleek and are suitable for men who are traditional in character. However, the modern man these days could also rock their fashion looks with the perfect selection of Casio Watches. There are 3 different types of looks men can pull together to make their Casio watch look not only stylish but maintain that classic touch.

1. The trendy look

This look is suitable for the man who wants to portray his fashion sense in a unique and creative way. Mix your wardrobe with neon coloured shirts and flash that golden wrist watch from Casio to show off your masculine personality. Not only that, having fun with colours in your clothing selections will definitely make you look a bit younger than your actual age. The perfect way to cheat your age with fashion and Casio watches!

 2. The simple casual

Men who prefer to don their casual t-shirt and shorts, like me, should not miss out on the opportunity to style a Casio watch. Casio watch collections are offered in many designs for men in order to match their own taste and personal interest. This look is suitable for men of all ages during their lazy weekends or travel trips. Select your favourite Casio wrist watch and show it off all around town. 

 3. The Sophisticated Look

The Casio watches will definitely look perfect when matched with a nice suit or business shirt. As the watch designs are classic and stylish, it will effortlessly reveal the sophisticated and mature side in you. Wear this look at parties, the office or even on a date with the special someone - the Casio watch will definitely work its wonders. 

If you're interested in getting a Casio watch, check out ZALORA for a wide selection of Casio watches online offered at affordable prices. I got one and it works nicely for me:

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bulan restaurant, Star City, Kuantan

Located on a corner lot off Jalan Beserah in Star City, Bulan restaurant operates from evening until night, specialising in a wide range of western food.

This was our first time trying out Bulan restaurant, and we were not disappointed. Apart from a quite severe toothache I encountered while chewing some food, everything was great.

Guests immediately come face-to-face with this charming little signboard with a message to make you smile. We went ahead and used the data connection on our phones anyway!

No wifi at Bulan restaurant, Star City, Kuantan

The interior of Bulan restaurant, Star City, Kuantan

The menu had some very entertaining pages with fun names of certain dishes, like 'Single but Available' and 'English Man Sausage.'

Burgers and Chips page of the Bulan restaurant menu

Garlic bread and mushroom soup for the girls

Fidelia's dinner

My choice

Bulan restaurant is clean and attractive and the food is of a good quality. The prices are quite reasonable for western food.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bak Kut Teh @ 888 Food Court, Kuantan; under the bridge, Klang

I didn't try bak kut teh until several years into my life in Malaysia. I am not sure why, but I have definitely been missing out on one of the great foods Malaysia has to offer. The best bak kut teh we have found in Kuantan is located at 888 Food Court, which is situated just behind Vistana Hotel Kuantan, a little way down the river.

A friend took us for another bak kut teh 'under the bridge' in Klang, a famous restaurant serving delicious food.

1. 888 Food Court, Kuantan

888 Food Court, Kuantan

888 Food Court is on the left, straight ahead is Jalan Teluk Sisek, passing over the river

The bak kut teh stall at 888 food court, Kuantan

This is the nice lady who prepares the bak kut teh at 888 food court in Kuantan

The bak kut teh arrives on the table in this hot pan

The price here for my wife and I comes to around RM25, which is a reasonable price for this great food which we finish every time, and leaves us fully satisfied.

2. 'Under the bridge,' Klang

Kedai Makanan Seng Huat is the venue for the best bak kut teh in Klang Valley

A tip for eating here is come early! By 8pm it will be finished, and if you do come late, you may well be disappointed.

Got a photo with the bak kut teh chef

Busy at work

The restaurant is full every night

Here's a quick before and after of our bak kut teh. Safe to say we finished it all and thoroughly enjoyed it!



That was really satisfying. Would definitely return under the bridge when I'm in the area again!


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