Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Manhattan Fish Market, East Coast Mall, Kuantan

The Manhattan Fish Market is one of a number of new restaurants lining the main entrance of East Coast Mall in Kuantan.

Inside The Manhattan Fish Market at EC Mall, Kuantan

I miss fish and chips back home in England. Nothing in Malaysia can come close to matching the fat and juicy chips of an English fish and chips shop. But the fish at The Manhattan Fish Market is the closest I've tasted to really good fish.

Just a couple of the menu pages at The Manhattan Fish Market, EC Mall, Kuantan

A drink and mashed potato at The Manhattan Fish Market, EC Mall, Kuantan

Fie and I ordered two sets of fish and chips. One of each of the two different types of fish, and shared a piece each. The fish was crispy on the outside and oh so soft and delicious on the inside, just the way it should be! The sauce covering the fish is to die for. We requested more of it and they readily brought along another small bowl of it.

Fish and chips at The Manhattan Fish Market, EC Mall, Kuantan

There are some delicious-looking desserts on offer at The Manhattan Fish Market too, but that will be for another day.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lauren's Kindergarten Graduation at Wisma Belia, Indera Mahkota

Our eldest daughter has completed her two years of kindergarten training and will be starting primary school next month.

We attended her graduation ceremony at Wisma Belia in Indera Mahkota. 

Lauren receiving her honours

Lauren looking through her honours booklet

Lauren with a selection of her friends

Family picture

Can't believe Lauren will be starting primary school so soon! The two years have passed so quickly, like a blur. Our hopes for Lauren at kindergarten were that she would be able to learn Bahasa Melayu (the national language of Malaysia) and that target has been achieved. She is now ready for proper school. She can speak English (naturally) and Bahasa Melayu and is learning Mandarin Chinese.

Here is a photo of her last day at kindergarten:

With her two kindergarten teachers

Friday, November 7, 2014

East Coast Mall new look

We've been watching East Coast Mall go through big changes for the last year or so, both inside and out. Rearrangement of lots, new shops and architectural changes are in progress. It's all actually scheduled to be completed by this month, being November, 2014. Obviously, the work needs to be done before the annual monsoon season arrives anywhere from mid-November through January.

New developments in progress near the main entrance of East Coast Mall

The Manhattan Fish Market will be a new addition to East Coast Mall, located right at the entrance

Jelly Bunny shop is now at East Coast Mall

Toys R Us store

L'Occitane En Provence store at East Coast Mall

In the coming weeks we are looking forward to see what other new shopping opportunities await us in Kuantan at the new-look East Coast Mall!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

East Coast Mall #2, November 2014

The notice of construction is up for a brand new shopping mall opposite East Coast Mall in Kuantan.

This is an area which has experienced unbelievable growth since I moved here. The whole area used to be an empty patch of land which I once walked across to get to Berjaya Megamall.

Now it has The Zenith Hotel, SAS Convention Centre, Menara Zenith, East Coast Mall, Putra Square and rows of shoplots. 

East Coast Mall #2 (which I'll call it until an official name is announced) will be the next addition in this area.

Here is the plot of land where a new shopping mall will be built opposite East Coast Mall in Kuantan

To the right of the picture is a brand new mosque (white with black dome) which I'm guessing will replace the old mosque in the centre (green and red roof) to make way for EC Mall #2

Close-up of the early construction progress of EC Mall #2. Machinery is in place as work begins on the foundations. Took this photo from the roof of East Coast Mall

There will be a sub-basement and 6 floors to EC Mall #2, so it is looking to be a lot larger than the current East Coast Mall!

A view through the fence to the plot of land where construction has begun for EC Mall #2

Check back to The Kuantan Blog often - I'll be keeping up-to-date with the construction progress on a monthly basis.


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