Thursday, January 22, 2015

Model photography session and edits

I am no professional photographer but I am an avid amateur and will photograph just about anything. I have particularly enjoyed photographing my two beautiful daughters. I have also, by degrees, found the fun in editing photos.

Today I photographed my sister-in-law at the field behind our house and I selected the two best photos for some editing. She should really take a chance in modelling. I always enjoy it because she's a dream to photograph - the perfect subject!

Here's the first shot that we like a lot:

Florina posing with a smile into the camera lens

Here's the same shot but with a little lift in colour

In high definition

And in monochrome

I chose this one as the 'killer shot' - 

Urai strikes a pose in our model photography session

And following are some of the edits I made afterwards:

Colour emphasis in this edit from our model photoshoot

An HDR edit from my photoshoot with Florina

Monochrome effect of my photoshoot with Florina

I love this cartoon book edit. The smooth skin tones really stand out

Am I hallucinating? This edit appears that way!

What do you think? Which edit do you prefer?


  1. Pohtoshop at the best, well taken Duncan.

  2. I love this beautiful model, a wonderful reporting, I love these pictures!

  3. You really made them pop!

    “Meaning and reality
    were not hidden
    somewhere behind things,
    they were in them,
    in all of them.”
    Hermann Hesse

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  4. For portraits I prefer as natural as possible, I don't think all the filters add anything to a beautiful woman like this.


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